Welcome to 4-Sight

The Importance of Preparation

In today’s fast-moving and rapidly changing marketing world, presentation is sharper, delivery is quicker and expectations are higher. To reach audiences effectively, media and marketing organisations know they have to be at the top of their game.

Best practice hinges on best preparation. Like a model on the catwalk, the image you present to your customer is only at its best because of the ingenuity, the creativity and the unstinting effort that went in beforehand, behind the scenes, as well as the final staging that shows off your product to stunning effect.

That is what pre-media is all about. And it’s what makes 4-Sight the company so many others turn to for innovative and sophisticated integrated media solutions that deliver quality and cost-effectiveness at every stage of visual presentation for marketing.

Using the services of 4-Sight you can:

  • Dramatically reduce the cost and time of pre-media preparation
  • Access revolutionary techniques for visually presenting your products
  • Gain total flexibility to look your best across all electronic media
  • Call on the services of experts around the clock and around the globe

We invite you to read on to learn more, and contact us to discover how we can help keep you at the top of your visual marketing game.

What is 4-Sight?

First, we’re a team of individuals and associates with unsurpassed experience inrepro and pre-media, and unrivalled expertise in the development of hardware and software applications that drive efficiency through these processes.

We have offices in the UK, Holland, Italy and Vietnam.

Collectively, we have many decades of first-hand, front-line experience in the media industries that have enabled us to develop a suite of core services now in widespread use by, among others, international, blue chip marketing and mail order retailers.

These services include:

  • Web-to-print marketing portals
  • Clipping path creation and image retouching
  • Animated 3-D product presentation
  • Conversion and creation of animated catalogues for desktop and mobile viewing
  • Visual workflow design and management
  • Personalised, targeted, cross media marketing

These are explained in more detail on the following pages. But you can also see demonstrations of some of them in action online.