The Fast Path to Success

Clipping paths and image retouching – they can make or break the quality of a reproduced illustration. And, despite the advances in their automated creation and correction, they still depend on highly-skilled human intervention to make the difference between mediocrity and excellence. There’s no short cut.

But the more excellence you seek, the more time and the more expertise youconsume. Everyone understands how costly the end of that equation becomes.Clipping paths and image retouching masks can sometimes take up to several hours to complete to the highest standards.

It’s a huge drain on in-house resources, not only for doing the work itself but also for the intensive training of skilled operators, and, eventually and inevitably, their replacements.

4 Clip is the solution you seek.

We already have that expertise – probably more highly developed than any non-specialist company could ever hope to achieve.

Together we can deliver more than 2,000 clipping paths, of unmatched quality, in a single day, dramatically cutting the production time of high-volume users, such as mail order catalogues, and reaping significant financial benefits.

What is more, we efficiently manage the whole process on behalf of customers, electronically collecting and returning images.