Talk One-on-One with Your Customers

You will have realized by now that 4-Sight is all about improving the way you do business so that you can, in turn, enhance the customer experience.

Most of this is achieved by using proprietary technology and applications that take you closer to your customer, with more information, more accuracy, more speed and more quality.

Taken to its ultimate conclusion, 4-Sight enables you to talk individually to your customers, with targeted, personalised messages through our 4-Cross Media process.

It’s as if you could sit right down and write a personal letter to an individual or group of customers that you know will be interested in a key promotion or marketing message.

This web-driven solution, uses three simple but powerful tools that put you directly in touch with your customer, without the huge time-burden and cost you might normally associated with such a project.

First, you start your Direct Marketing Campaign off with a targeted mailer based on information based on the information and the relationship you have with your customers.

The printed mailer contains a (pURL) personalised URL www.4-sight.com/customer.name taking the customer to their own personalised landing page, customers can take part in surveys with all the data being collected in realtime.

Second, the same technique is applied when sending out personalised emails as a follow up, every to send out personalised emails, for instance, as a follow-up to your printed direct mail, with multipoint personalised messages that reflect their specific interests, purchases, needs or other aspects of your relationship with them.

Third, Measure the success of your campaign and the see the results and respones in realtime. View dynamic reports of  where your enquires are coming from and view survey information as it occurs.

1. Customer supplied excel file

2. Uploaded onto web portal

3. POS artwork produced