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Transform the Consumer Experience

Consumers are driving the decline of traditional print. They want the instant accessibility to digital images and information; they want bookmarking; they want portability; they want an experience that borders on entertainment – even when they’re viewing a catalogue, a brochure or a digital storefront.

The next generation of consumers will shop this way, and they will expect you todeliver your marketing collateral to them accordingly – on-screen, online.

As pre-media specialists, the 4-Sight team under-stands the vital importance of repurposing your col-lateral right now for those who choose to shop this way.

We have the technology to do this. And we don’t mean simply converting your existing brochures and catalogue PDFs to a static-only experience (though we can do that too if you wish).

The 4-Sight solution includes slick, page-turning animations, integrated 360 degree animated presentations using our proprietary technology (see previous page for more information) and hyperlinks on every product directly back to your website.

These catalogues and other documents are downloadable for viewing offline or accessible online for real-time interaction.

Mail order online experience

Not only have we thrown the static catalogue experience out of the digital window but we also have developed an interactive animated product that is viewable on just about any mobile device, even those that don’t use Adobe Flash®, like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

That’s important because, increasingly, these are the devices that mobile shoppers will be using to browse. Animated page-turning applications that rely on Flash® simply won’t work. 4-Flip Mobile will.

The technology has been developed to render the page-turning effect so that it works perfectly whether the device supports the Adobe technology or not.

What’s more, 4-Flip enables you easily to update your offer, giving customers areal-time experience based on the latest available information and images.

The 4-Flip technology is supremely adaptable to any digital browsing use. For instance, retailers can also offer in-store browsing of an electronic catalogue. Linked to your own website and systems, you have an instant purchase mechanism.

Using 4-Flip, your customers have an enjoyable browsing experience, enhanced perception of your business and, through this, an increased propensity to buy.