Go With the Flow

How serious do you want to be about the whole process of sophisticated digital imaging and presentation? If you want to go the whole hog, with a fully integrated image workflow system, the solution is here and ready to roll.

4-Flow is our bespoke integrated catalogue production system that combines an entire suite of web-based, customisable software modules that enable buyers, designers and photographers to work collaboratively on the same project, regardless of location or time zone.

Not only does it harmonise the functions of key individuals in your marketing and image production process but it also integrates with key design applications including lastest versions of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress as its design production platform.

4-Flow is ideal for organizations wishing to centralise their marketing information into a single, easy-to-manage virtual location. It transforms the way a company produces catalogues by allowing high visibility of the entire process.  Everyone involved can better understand and realize their role in the sequence.

Buyers can see the catalogue taking shape and make final price changes at the last minute before print. Designers eliminate the tedious and frustrating process of hunting for images. And project managers can see at a glance the status of the catalogue by viewing the 4-Flow flat plan online.

4-Flow in Action

4-Flow is an ‘always-on’ solution available for all your nominated staff or freelancers to use globally.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  1. Initial page designs can be produced as line illustrations, uploaded and viewed in the flat plan for the publication, providing a quick ‘look-and-feel’ of a spread.
  2. Asset copy can be inserted directly into the 4-Flow system or pulled in, and manipulated, directly from any data source.
  3. Using a naming convention, associated photography and brand logos are linked to the asset copy and all elements can be locked to prevent change.
  4. A designer downloads the spread and its entire contents, and works on its using the traditional creative process.
  5. On completion, the designer submits the page spread file to the system server and the page is again locked to prevent further alterations.
  6. Spreads are then automatically integrated into the complete publication were they are then approved, locked and finally submitted to the printers and colour perfect print ready PDF’s

There are clear advantages to using 4-Flow for large-volume page producers – most notably improved efficiency of page handling, lower risk of loss or deletion of page elements and, through time savings, reduced spend.