The 3-D Animation Revolution

More than ever before, when people think images, they increasingly think in three-dimensions. 3-D TVs, 3-D cinematic experiences, 3-D computer simulations. Animation is part of the experience too. Without it, too often, the picture just seems incomplete.

To meet those expectations for marketers and retailers, 4-Photo 360 is literally, as well as figuratively, a revolution – a simple concept that instantly and inexpensively brings products and images to life.

4-Photo 360 is a remarkable, turntable-driven technology that uses a fixed-position, professional quality camera to capture up to 32 individual, successive shots of a product as it revolves through a full 360-degrees. The entire process – the rotation of the turntable and the shutter of the camera – is computer-controlled, within a simulated, neutral-background studio setting.

The images are auto-transferred from the user’s studio to 4-Sight’s bank of image-processing servers. Within two minutes, the animated 360-degree rendition is created and available for embedding in online catalogues and other retail websites.

Your customers can easily control the speed and direction of rotation and zoom in for close-ups which are dynamically rendered to reveal the high-resolution detail, a unique visual experience.

The benefits of 4-Photo 360

The 4-Photo 360 technology integrates professional studio cameras with rotating turntable technology.

It’s also a tool for more sophisticated potential uses. For example, some clients have developed the concept further by using the turntable and camera to createassembly instructions for flat-pack products.

Each assembly stage is individually captured for 3-D presentation to generate an assembly animation – again a great tool for enhancing customer satisfaction.

Other benefits include:

  • Opportunity to enhance potential product saleability through provision of more visual information.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – both in terms of more information and reduced likelihood of returns.
  • Cost effective solution, system can be purchased or rented and integrated into your existing studio workflow.
  • Easy to use, with experts always on hand to help and assist.